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Will President Obama step in and do something regarding the controversial, and possibly unconstitutional, anti-immigrant law that went into effect last week?

Certainly the pressure is now on the White House from opponents.  The law, which was signed by Republican Governor Jan Brewer, will require everyone in Arizona to carry on them at all times papers which prove that they are U.S. citizens or legalized residents.  People without their papers will be arrested on the spot by police or other authorities.  Arizona’s new law is being compared to Nazi Germany and South Africa during Apartheid.

I took the time over the weekend to read the text of this legislation and I urge you to read it too.  The comparisons to the Nazis and Apartheid are not just hype.  This bill has the potential to create our own racist fascist regime right here if it is not overturned.  Here’s why:

This law not only allows police officers to stop citizens who they believe have a “reasonable suspicion” of being “aliens” – this law forces police officers and their departments to actively track down and go after anyone who is non white.  If a police officer or police department is not doing its job of picking up enough “aliens” as the law states, anyone (i.e. racists) can sue them for damages.

This law permits anonymous reporting on neighbors or work mates who they consider to be “alien.”  Authorities are forced to follow up on all such reports.  Even though this part of the new law requires the Attorney General to draw up an official form that such reports are supposed to be submitted on, it is not necessary.  Authorities are still required to investigate any such “alien” reports even if it written on a paper napkin!

The President is being asked to ignore any “aliens” delivered into Federal hands via this Arizona law.  Obama has already called the law “misguided,” according to MSNBC, and has indicated that it is irresponsible.  I hope he does more than just ignore it:  I hope he uses his influence with Congress to begin serious immigration reform on a national level.

If not, Arizona may become just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.  Other red states are already looking at Arizona and considering their own mirror legislation.  Even if you are not Hispanic, or even if you are white, you have reason to be concerned for yourself and your family if similar laws like this sweep the nation.  Take the word “alien” as used in every section of this Arizona law and substitute any other word:  “Jew,” “Catholic,” “Protestant,” “Black,” “White,” “Brown,” “Redhead,” “Brunette,” “Blond,” are just a few examples.  The point is that anyone eventually, with laws like this, can  – and most likely will – become subject to harassment and imprisonment by whoever else happens to be in power at the time.

Link to MSNBC story:  Obama urged to ignore Ariz. immigration law – White House- msnbc.com.