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Arizona’s police are now in the “impossible situation” of arresting victims of violent crimes, often punishing them worse than their attackers, as a result of that state’s immigration law, according to The Christian Science Monitor.

The law, which is drawing sharp criticism including from President Obama, will now require officers to verify the legal status of everyone involved in an investigation.  It will now require police “to arrest perpetrator and victim both, and the punishment experienced by the victim of a violent crime will frequently be more severe and life-disrupting” involving “deportation,” for the victim while the perpetrator may get “a night in jail, perhaps,” according to the article published on Monday in the C.S. Monitor.

The new Arizona law will also give police officers new daily duties to track down and verify the papers of everyone they encounter who has a “reasonable suspicion” of looking like an alien, according to Article 8, Section B, of  SB1070 which Governor Jan Brewer signed last Friday.

Governor Brewer is facing a tough fight from the far right in the Republican primary from those who have wanted Arizona to crack down on immigrants.  Former Governor Janet Napolitano, who is now Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary, has come out against the legislation and vetoed any similar legislation while she served in Arizona.

According to an expert cited in the C.S. Monitor, law enforcement will suffer because the law “distracts police” from performing their duties and because people will be “less likely to report crimes or serve as witnesses” for fear of being questioned.

President Obama calls Arizona’s new law “poorly conceived.”  Arizona’s businesses, including sports events, are being affected because many people are cancelling plans to visit the state.

Link to C.S. Article:  Arizona immigration law puts police in ‘impossible situation’ – CSMonitor.com