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Source: Wikimedia.org

Senator Bill Nelson of Florida told MSNBC that “shifting winds” are carrying oil toward the Florida coastline.

Referring to the massive spill as a “gusher,” Nelson told Andrea Mitchell that he is concerned that BP may be backing off their promise to pay for all damages caused by the accident.

The current cap on oil damages is only $75 million dollars but Nelson is saying that costs could go “into the billions of dollars” if the oil smothers Gulf beaches.

Currently there is no end in site to stop the oil.  BP is working on a containment dome.  Relief wells which would essentially draw off oil pressure to another location are at least 3 months away.

Nelson’s reference to the oil as a “gusher” is the most accurate yet because this accident is far from a mere leak or spill:  oil is currently gushing from the mile-deep rupture at the rate of 5,000 barrels a day which is about 210,000 gallons a day!

With experts scratching their heads over what to do, some are suggesting extreme measures which include nuking the accident site – see video.