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Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. will no longer be referenced in school books. The Texas School Board voted to remove his name and his famous "Letter From Birmingham Jail."

The Texas School Board has decided to remove Martin Luther King Jr.’s  name from its textbook reading list.  In addition to getting rid of any reference to King, school books will no longer carry King’s Letter From Birmingham Jail.  Although the school board, in Texas, passes off their changes (and others just as bad)  as “conservative,” I’d use the word “racist” instead!

These changes will impact what school children in all 50 states can learn – not just Texas!  Texas has long been the national center for school textbooks – perhaps it’s time that change!

Among other changes will be more favorable treatment of the Confederacy during the Civil War with less negative reference to the issue of slavery (there was movement on the board to remove all references to “slaves” and “slavery” but the Democrats on the board were able to shoot that down).

President Obama’s middle name Hussein will be inserted in all references to him and this will be the first time any president’s middle name will be required to be used in school books.