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Senator Bill Nelson (D) of Florida

Florida's Senator Bill Nelson (D) is frustrated with BP and the Government's slow response to the oil disaster. He says if BP's procedure today doesn't work, it's time for the government to step in.

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Following Federal approval earlier, BP began operations to attempt to plug the mile-deep well which has been gushing thousands of barrels of oil a day for over a month.

Referred to as a “top kill” procedure, BP will remotely attempt to pump mud down the drill hole to stop the leak.  Although there is a fair chance the procedure will work, it may take days to determine whether it has been successful or not.

President Obama yesterday showed his frustration saying, “Plug the damn hole!”

Senator Bill Nelson of Florida is  at the end of his patience with BP and the Obama Administration.  He said earlier that if this procedure doesn’t work, it’s time for the government to step in.

What could the government do that BP can’t?

Well, for one thing, the President could command ALL resources, not just BP’s (and their interests).  He could bring together technologies and equipment from other oil companies (BP’s competition), from universities, from other regions of the world who have had success cleaning up massive leaks (Sweden, for instance).

And he could get the military involved too.  The military has had success cleaning up oil (from the Gulf War era).

Right now, the government seems to be bowing to BP and its corporate interests.  Nelson is right and Obama shouldn’t wait “days” for BP to decide this thing.

This is way beyond BP and what’s good for BP.

The President has to treat this oil gusher as if it is a foreign invader.  He needs to put the country’s interest first.  The President should be clear that this is BP’s last chance to make things right.  If this doesn’t work, Obama needs to take over as “Commander in Chief” and command all forces and resources against this.