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James Carville

James Carville, with his wife Mary Matalin at his side, lashed out at President Obama for not taking charge of the Gulf oil crisis.

James Carville told President Obama that he needs to get tough with BP and take command of the Gulf oil crisis, now over a month old.

Carville, an adviser for former President Clinton, said Obama is allowing BP to do what they want, when they want.

Carville said that the president should tell BP “I’m in charge!” rather than the other way around.

Carville and his wife, political consultant Mary Matalin, are residents of the Gulf region and were appearing live from the area on CNN.

Matalin held up a water bottle coated with oil from the spill.

There is now evidence that BP had warning before the explosion that “something was wrong” with the well and not to move forward:  they moved forward anyway.  For that, it is time to start a real investigation and begin prosecuting the people who did this.