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BP put its “Top Cap” in place over the gusher but it is not certain how much oil, if any, it will be able to contain.

Remotely Operated Vehicles or ROV’s cut off the broken riser pipe but that cut was not a clean cut and therefore this cap is not tight.

By cutting the severed riser pipe, BP caused even more oil to gush into the Gulf of Mexico because that oil is now coming out from the fully open pipe.

If the oil is not abated by this attempt by BP, the oil will continue to spew thousands of barrels a day into August (until one or both relief wells are completed).  If the oil enters the Gulf’s “loop” current, it could very likely go around Florida and up the East Coast, out into the Atlantic Ocean, past South Carolina.

It’s obvious at this point that BP doesn’t know what it’s doing and, contrary to what they told our government, were unprepared for an event of this magnitude.

Lax laws which cater to big-money oil and corruption inside the Minerals Management Service (MMS) are just as much at fault as BP’s incompetence.  This unprecedented disaster, which could become even more dire if the oil enters the Atlantic, must become the final time that special interests are allowed to circumvent safety regulations.  We must make it clear to our representatives in Washington that if they want to keep their jobs after this Fall’s election, that they begin real regulation reform on these oil companies!

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