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General McChrystal

General Stanley A. McChrystal is in trouble because of his remarks to Rolling Stone magazine.

General Stanley McChrystal has been ordered to return to Washington from Afghanistan because of remarks he made in an  interview he gave to Rolling Stone magazine.

READ THE ARTICLE HERE: http://bit.ly/ahrC54

Robert Gibbs said this morning that President Obama is “angry” and ordered McChrystal’s return for a meeting.  It is not clear whether he will fire the general or ask for McChrystal to resign his commission.

McChrystal, in the interview, ridicules other commanders as well as Washington’s handling of the war which is now the longest in U.S. history.  McChrystal expresses his “disdain for authority,” according to the article written by Michael Hastings, by openly criticizing the president, vice president, and members of Congress.

The criticism of McChrystal is bipartisan spanning both parties and includes Senators McCain and Kerry, both of whom are military veterans.  Military policy requires that brass do not publicly question or criticize the president who is their Commander In Chief.  If a general cannot agree with the president’s policy, he or she has only one option and that is to resign their commission.

McCain and Kerry, as well as others who are angered by McChrystal’s remarks, have stated that they are leaving the decision up to the President Obama.

It is certain that President Obama will have words, most likely heated, with McChrystal.  It will not be the first time, however.  Last year, Obama chastised the general over public remarks he made at a speech in London.