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Salon’s Joan Walsh is saying it like it is:  the GOP isn’t even trying to hide behind code words anymore when it comes to their bigotry.  According to Walsh who isn’t “entirely sold on Solicitor General Elena Kagan as our newest Supreme Court Justice,” GOP senators are “unable to find any personal statements by Kagan they can use” to discredit her.  So instead “they deride her” for where she lives in New York City (Upper West Side of Manhattan) as well as for respecting “one of the heroes of American Justice, who happens to be black” – Justice Thurgood Marshall .

Walsh is right on.  I have been watching these hearings since they began yesterday.  Sessions has been close to obnoxious toward Kagan with his attitude toward Justice Marshall whose son is in the hearing room attending the hearings.  Marshall, who Kagan served as clerk for, sat on the Court during Brown vs. Board of Education and helped end racial segregation for public schools.  Sessions considers Marshall an “activist” and questions Kagan’s belief of equality for everyone in law.  Huh?

What’s wrong with people like Sessions?  Do they really believe the crap coming out of their mouths?  Or are they afraid of their Limbaugh-driven base?  Either way, Sessions and others like him in the GOP are ruining that party; they look ignorant and mean-spirited.  I can’t see their antics playing well in the General this Fall.

It’s not even coded bigotry anymore – Joan Walsh – Salon.com.