What kind of games are the government and BP playing with the American people?

After removing a temporary cap, which at least contained some of the oil, government and BP officials told us not to worry about the oil gushing from the open pipe for a couple of days because they’d have a new and better cap in place by Monday which would contain ALL of the oil.  This new cap would stop the leak, they assured us, until the two relief wells scheduled for August, would kill the well.

So?  What happened?

It’s now Wednesday and we are still watching the oil gushing openly from the pipe…no new or better cap in place.  And now these same government and BP officials are saying that testing of this new cap is delayed with an announcement coming maybe later today or tomorrow.  What’s worse is that the government / BP has decided to stop the drilling of the two relief wells which is considered to be the permanent solution for the disaster.

When is President Obama going to say “enough is enough” and, as Commander In Chief, override these officials who are stalling for whatever reasons.  The President has resources at his fingertips if he would just use them.  Obama could call in the Navy, university experts, and even bring in officials and experts from BP’s competition from other oil companies.  Why is he sitting back?

It is now estimated that the cleanup – that’s IF they get this leak stopped – will take years.  The damage to the ocean and wetlands is unprecedented.  Meanwhile, in an already hurting economy, major industries, including fishing and tourism, are suffering because of this disaster.

It’s time for our elected representatives, including President Obama, to represent the interests of the United States and its people rather than mega-giant oil companies like BP.  It’s time for President Obama to step in and take control of this situation!

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