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Michael Johns, U.S. Senate candidate Christine...

Image by michaeldjohns via Flickr

Christine O’Donnell, a “tea party” candidate who was endorsed by Sarah Palin, won the Republican Senatorial primary in Delaware last night, knocking out Michael Castle, the favored choice of the national party leaders.  As a result of the defeat of the nine-term House incumbent, the Republican national party will not endorse her nor will they support her with funding.

It gets worse, however.  Republican talking heads, including Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer, wasted no time in dissing the voters’ decision in favoring O’Donnell.

Rove questioned the voters choice because of “serious character problems” he alleges against O’Donnell on Fox’s Sean Hannity last night.  Krauthammer, before the poll even closed, assaulted Palin for making an “irresponsible” decision to endorse her.

How stupid do Rove and Krauthammer – and others like them – think Americans are?  Do they really believe that voters make decisions based only on what Sarah Palin says?  Or on what Rove or Krauthammer say?  Or on what party leaders say?

The voters made a decision.  And it is my belief that the vast majority of those Delaware voters made a well-informed responsible decision based on research they did for themselves!

It says only one thing really:  that the national leaders of both parties are becoming aware that the people have had it with both of them, and they are doing everything to try to steer the tide back to the old status quo.

Rove’s and Krauthammer’s remarks come out of desperation and will prove futile in stopping the coming tide.  The people are replacing power-driven tone-deaf candidates with people who are not elitist and who, yes like most of us, have flaws.

It’s not right that party national elitists should be making choices of who we vote for.  That choice is for the people.  I hope  – in light of the Republican Party shunning O’Donnell – that the people themselves will support her in order to operate her campaign; that’s the only way to have a fair choice in November.