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Bill O’Reilly last night defended Michelle Obama‘s nutrition program.  Talking with Fox‘s John Stossel, O’Reilly wasn’t sure that the Obamas were creating a “food police” force to arrest, detain, and punish people eating candy or junk food.  Well, perhaps O’Reilly will change his mind on defending the Obamas if he became aware of this story out of Orchard, Texas:

School Food Police, “Do the Crime, Do the Time” — Texas Student Punished with 1-Week Detention & Separation from Other Students… for Having 1 Jolly Rancher Candy « Frugal Café Blog Zone.

Evidently the school felt that they had no choice but to harshly punish this child because if they didn’t, the school district would lose Federal funding!

Wow, we’re all in trouble in this country if they do this to a 10-year-old kid!  O’Reilly last night thought that Michelle’s school nutrition program – i.e., “food police” – was a great idea because it would help kids lose weight!  Oh, really?  How would you feel, Mr. O’Reilly, if it was YOUR 10-year-old daughter?