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Uncle Sam Enjoying ObamaCare

Image by Fresh Conservative via Flickr

A federal judge in Florida has ruled that the lawsuit by 20 states which challenges the constitutionality of Obama’s healthcare overhaul will go forward.  But don’t anticipate that the trial will begin immediately because another federal judge last week made the opposite ruling.

Pensacola, Florida, District Judge Roger Vinson, decided that “some parts of the lawsuit need to heard,” according to local Las Vegas, Nevada, Channel  13 Action News KTNV.

The lawsuit,  filed by 20 states including Nevada,argues that the Federal government does not have constitutional authority to require individuals to purchase private insurance; these states also challenge that states are not required to pick up the additional Medicaid expenses.

Vinson’s ruling does not completely clear the way for a trial to proceed.  A Michigan federal district judge denied the lawsuit last week.  With two federal judges ruling in opposite directions, the legalities of when the lawsuit will go to trial is up in the air.

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