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John Boehner

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With Republicans taking huge control of the House and making substantial gains in the Senate in yesterday’s elections, the question this morning is, “Now what will the GOP do with their new-found power?”

The voters spoke loud and clear yesterday that we’ve had it with Washington‘s ways.  Americans are fed up with out-of-control outrageous spending, Obamacare, Cap & Trade, and the old-boys business-as-usual way of doing things.

So to answer the question, “Now what?”  The voters are telling both the GOP and the Dems that they are on notice to begin listening to the American People.  The days of turning a deaf ear to the people while catering to big money special interests are over and, if they go back to old style politics, they will be voted out in two years.

So far, both houses of Congress seem to be listening but we’ll see how it goes.  John Boehner, who is expected to take over as Speaker in the new Congress, said last night that it was not a time to celebrate but instead “to roll up our sleeves” and work for the American’s interests.  The GOP leadership of the Senate said this morning that they will work with the President only as long as his policies are in agreement with the will of the American people.  Regarding Obama, the president this morning indicated he is willing to work with the Congress.

Again, we’ll see how it goes.

Washington doesn’t change quickly…the influence of money and power there is very powerful and can corrupt even the best.  If we expect greater responsibility out of those we elect to send to Washington, then it’s up to us to hold them to their promises.  Voting in the election is only the beginning.  It’s up to all of us to stay current with the news of what our legislators are doing.  And, it’s up to us to stay in touch with those we elect – to let them know when they’re doing a good job and when they stray from the course we elected them to.

We are asking those we elected yesterday to act more responsibly.  We, as voters, must also be more responsible in holding them to it!

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