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A bunch of Bananas.

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Yahoo food news posted a spot today about the benefits of bananas to curb hunger when eaten as a snack rather than a fattening sweet.  I agree that a frozen banana is as good as an ice-cream bar.  But bananas can be included as part of your regular diet too.  Here are a few examples:

  1. Slice a banana over your cooked or cold cereal in the morning; it will sweeten the cereal so you can use less sugar.
  2. Mix sliced bananas with orange slices, apples, berries, and chopped melon (in season) for a tasty dessert.  The banana sweetens the other fruits.  Add a touch of cinnamon for zest.
  3. Mash some banana into quick bread or muffin mix before baking.  The banana adds flavor to your bread so you won’t need to use so much butter or margarine.

The link below takes you to Yahoo’s food news banana article; my personal favorite there is the Banana Ice Cream recipe – yum!

Bananas: The ultimate hunger buster – Food on Shine.