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NJ Gov. Chris Christie 003

Image by IowaPolitics.com via Flickr

How many different ways can you say “no” before others get that you really mean it?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is hoping that this morning’s press conference will finally end the chatter about his running for President.

“Now is not my time,” Christie said from Trenton.  Citing continued pressure from GOP big-money donators and party activists, Christie announced this to be his “final decision,” a decision based on “loyalty” to his duties as New Jersey’s governor as well as to his wife and family.

Christie said that even though he has never hinted at running and that he has said no repeatedly (even releasing a video of all his “no’s”), that Republicans have kept the pressure on him and his family, coming after him at inopportune times, even at home.  Evidently the final blow for Christie was this past weekend when he received a FedEx at their family home urging him, in no uncertain terms, to run for President.

The FedEx, which Christie wouldn’t say who it came from, told the Governor that is would “be okay” for him to neglect his children’s games and school activities to run for President.

Christie called today’s announcement “final” and said “that’s that.”  For Christie, he hopes that the Koch brothers and other GOP big donors now look elsewhere.