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Nancy Grace at her book party for her new book...

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I was watching Dancing With The Stars the other night and  – just for a short period of time – I was pleasantly surprised by Nancy Grace.  I have always viewed Grace as a female legal-eagle version of Rush Limbaugh:  two people who are as inconsiderate to facts as to anyone who disagrees with their narrow-minded ideology; individuals who voraciously chew up the competition while espousing their radical agendas.

But as I watched Nancy Grace in her dreamy blue gown, talking about the birth or her twins and, later, reacting to the judges’ comment, I said, “Maybe she’s changed, she actually looks humble!”  Wow, was I ever wrong, so much for her trying to  schmooze the public and the panel to try to win a reality show!

Just minutes after her humble act, Grace told reporters backstage that Amanda Knox was guilty of murder.  Still in her dreamy blue dress in which she danced to “Moon River” for her children, Grace was back to her vindictive self.  Amanda Knox, as you probably know by now, is back on American soil after four years of hell in an Italian jail for a crime she didn’t commit.

But according to Grace,  the release of Knox was “a miscarriage of justice.”  Grace doesn’t seem to care about DNA evidence which actually links the crime to Rudy Guede who has been convicted and is serving a sentence in Italy for the murder of Meredith Kercher.  Grace doesn’t care about that because Amanda Knox, evidently, will make for a better show for her.

Should Knox be sent back to Italy so that Grace can convince Italian officials to incarcerate her again?  Grace said, “What they want to do with her…is their business.”  Why don’t I believe that?  Maybe it’s because you…in your drive to get ratings for your show via shock-jock tactics…bang whatever drum makes the loudest noise; because you go after the person that brings in the viewers no matter whether they are innocent.  When you make up your mind, Nancy, you will make them guilty no matter what the evidence shows!

But Grace temporarily forgot herself and where she was.  Evidently, remembering that she is trying to re-brand herself into a softer, gentler Nancy Grace, she added, “I don’t wish her ill will.”  Yeah, right…Nancy Grace you don’t know the meaning of nice!  Don’t be fooled by the dreamy blue dress.