Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie

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Mitt Romney is the man to lead America and we need him now,” that’s how New Jersey Governor Chris Christie opened his endorsement this afternoon of GOP candidate and former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney.  Christie’s support  comes just hours before this evening’s Republican debate at Dartmouth in New Hampshire.  Could Christie be chumming up with Romney to seek the vice-presidential spot should Romney win over Perry and the rest of the GOP lineup?

Last week, Christie announced that he would not be throwing his hat into the ring for president but he indicated that he would still remain active in the party’s process.  Over the weekend, a pastor endorsing Texas Governor Rick Perry attacked Romney on the grounds that he was a Mormon.  Christie indicated that one’s religion should never be a test in selecting candidates.

While religious tests may play with some within the GOP, it will never wash in a general election.  Polls are showing that Romney would be the best candidate to run up against Obama.  Christie agrees saying that Romney is the “best” person to run in 2012.

Republican establishment is concerned about how the party looks to the general public.  Attacking another candidate’s religion makes the party look narrow-minded, or worse.  There is currently an internal conflict in the GOP between “the establishment and the base” of the party, according to MSNBC.

Democrats can only hope that the religious-right and tea party will ignore the polls and nominate Perry or Bachmann.  Of course then again, if Romney were to win the nomination, it would make for a very spirited election period.

Christie is evidently banking on GOP establishment prevailing.  Should Romney win the nomination, we might be looking at Christie as his running mate.