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Cigarettes sold in Israel

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Another Alcohol Shot

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Herman Cain‘s smoking ad is no surprise given his indebtedness to the tobacco industry who has supported him for over a decade. But the tobacco ad is just the tip of what is becoming a campaign of offensiveness for Mr. Cain:  a campaign that promotes the basest of behavior and a campaign that caters to the liquor industry as well as big tobacco, both of which he lobbied hard for in Washington to end regulations.

By now, you’ve probably seen the smoking ad (if you’ve somehow missed it, here’s the link).  The ad is paid for by Friends of Herman Cain.  Mark Block, who is Mr. Cain’s chief of staff, is featured puffing a cigarette in the ad, and coincidentally the CEO of, you guessed it Friends of Herman Cain!  If you were offended by this smoking ad, I warn you that it only gets worse.

An ad produced and paid for by in August by Friends of Herman Cain takes offensiveness to new heights.  And it’s weird too.  Titled “He Carried Yellow Flowers” the ad features an actor on a movie set.  The boozing and fighting are all supposed to be part of the western he’s filming (yeah right, as if we believe that!) but it’s what happens after the “director” yells “cut.”  Watch how this actor, now supposed out of character, treats the women on the set including the female p.a.

The New York Times on Sunday, in an article, detailed the involvement Herman Cain has with both the tobacco industry and liquor makers from his days in Washington as a lobbyist (after he left the pizza business).  As the head of a lobbying group for restaurant owners, Mr. Cain fought lawmakers to end smoking regulations and against regulations to curb drunk driving.  Big- tobacco giant R. J. Reynolds paid Mr. Cain’s group “handsomely,” according to the New York Times.  An official at that company says “that Mr. Cain’s presidential ‘were not unexpected,'” according to the New York Times article on Sunday.  By the way, Herman Cain also was a board member for Nabisco which is a part of R. J. Reynolds.

Herman Cain is still leading in the GOP polls.  Only time will tell if these latest ads will prove even too shocking for the party base.

By the way, if you’re wondering about the song in the smoking ad, here’s the info:  “I Am American” is by Krista Branch.