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Cropped screenshot of Natalie Wood from the tr...Christopher Walken in February 2008Robert Wagner
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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is reopening the investigation into the 1981 death of actress Natalie Wood.  “We’re always open to receiving information,” said Lieutenant John Corina in a news conference today.  The sheriff’s department has recently received “substantial information” from a source Lieutenant Corina refused to name.

Natalie Wood’s death was ruled an accidental drowning in 1981 however there were rumors swirling at the time of a violent argument that night and a possible love triangle between Ms. Wood, actor Christopher Walken, and her husband actor Robert Wagner (both of them married to each other for the second time).  All three were aboard the yacht “Splendour” and were drinking on the evening that she died.

Ms. Wood had expressed fears of water, especially “dark sea water” and said she didn’t know how to swim.  Her body was found clothed only in a nightgown, socks, and a jacket.  Questions always remained regarding what really took place on that night.

When a reporter asked Lieutenant Corina if Mr. Wagner was a suspect, he said, “No,” at this time.  The yacht is currently in Hawaii.  Lieutenant Corina said that investigators are not ruling anything out and will go to Hawaii if necessary.  “We’ll go wherever the investigation takes us,” he said.