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Donald Trump SOURCE:  WikimediaMSNBC is reporting that Donald Trump will announce that he is running for president as an independent.  No way, he’s kidding, right?

Mr. Trump, who is best known for his TV reality show “The Apprentice,” is evidently dismayed by the failure of his GOP debate scheduled for later this month – only two Republican candidates have agreed to participate, everyone else declined.

Always the publicity hound, Donald Trump has attempted to keep his name in the news by portraying himself as a major influence in American politics.  His debate, which will be televised two days after Christmas on ION network, was supposed to mark his power to name the GOP nominee.

Acting as “moderator,” Mr. Trump was supposed endorse his choice for president immediately afterward.  GOP bigwigs including Karl Rove came out against Mr. Trump, some likening his plans to a circus.

All Republican candidates – except front-runner Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum – have declined to participate.  Some, like Mitt Romney, have been polite about it; some, like Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul, spelled out their disapproval.

Mr. Trump should go back to his television show and be happy with that.  Perhaps after the GOP selects its nominee, he can have the rest of them appear on a special GOP version of “The Apprentice.”  In other words, don’t try to turn our political system into entertainment.  Even though some of these candidates are a joke, the office of the president is serious and should be respected as such!