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Last night’s debate was boring compared to the last few.  Newt Gingrich was subdued mainly because he was missing his cheering section who give him a standing ovation every time he drops racist hints and asserts that child labor laws should be lifted to work poor children.

Last night’s debate of “fewer than 500 people,” according to the New York Times, was composed of “business leaders, academics and even the British and French ambassadors to the United States.”

The biggest fireworks last night came from Mitt Romney who repeatedly attacked Gingrich on his ethics record and lobbying.

NBC made a wise decision in going for a smaller, more intellectual audience last night.  Without the rallying crowds, last night’s debate showed Gingrich for what he truly is:  a power seeker who feeds upon ignorance.

Romney Unleashes Attack With Gingrich Sole Target – NYTimes.com.