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Mitt Romney - Caricature

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

Mitt Romney came out swinging against President Obama today.  After last night’s inspiring State of the Union, Mitt Romney said that President Obama “is detached from reality.”  The remarks come in what looks like a silly attempt to cast some red meat zingers to impress GOP voters, trying to reinvigorate his failing campaign.

But calling President Obama out of touch, really?

Mr. Romney should take a good hard look in the mirror before he accuses anyone else of being not in touch with how things are in this country.  It is the former governor of Massachusetts who said that making a few hundred-thousand dollars from speaking fees wasn’t much.

In release of his tax records, we discover that Mr. Romney makes over $50,000 a day.  No, that’s not per year.  Mitt Romney makes more than most of us make per year in every 24-hour period.   And he doesn’t have to work for it either – it’s money made on money.

I’ve got nothing against wealth or making money, but the more successful we are, the more compassionate we should become for those of us who have less.  That isn’t the case with Mitt Romney who views anyone less than a millionaire as not important.  Mitt Romney said that foreclosures run their course and “hit the bottom.”

Romney’s callous attitude toward working Americans – saying he “like to fire people” – is just another example of someone whose wealth has totally removed him from everyday life.Out of touch?

Detached from reality?  Yes, Mr. Romney, that’s you!