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English: Andy Foster and Georgia Secretary of ...THIS IS AN UPDATE TO MY PREVIOUS POST:  Karen Handel resigned from the Susan G. Komen foundation yesterday citing her involvement in the controversial decision to drop Planned Parenthood from its grants programs.  But someone at Komen is not telling the truth.

Although Handel says that it was her influence and decision-making ability to drop Planned Parenthood, Komen founder and CEO Nancy Brinker told MSNBC‘s Andrea Mitchell that Handel had nothing to do with it.

Handel ran for Governor of Georgia on an extreme right, anti-Planned Parenthood platform.  She failed in her attempt at governor but just months after joining Komen, the decision to drop Planned Parenthood was made, a decision for which she claims responsibility.  Komen reversed its decision (see previous post) because of massive outcry.

Clearly, Komen is still scrambling to try and regain public confidence and to bring back long-time donors.  But at this point, unless they begin telling the truth, it’s not likely they will succeed.

Komen, as it appears now, has become more of a political organization rather than a foundation concerned with improving women’s health.  Unless and until Komen comes forward and reveals what was really going on – including who hired Handel? – the public will be wary about where their donations are really going.