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Virginia‘s Governor Bob McDonnell is now reversing his decision to sign into law the ultrasound law which would have forced a mandatory probe on any woman seeking an abortion.  This reversal is apparently political after nationwide outrage threatened to destroy any chance for GOP success next fall.

Virginia’s Republican-controlled legislature passed a bill which would have forced women to endure a vaginal ultrasound probe without her consent.  Opponents claim this mandatory procedure, without consent, fits the legal definition of rape.

Nationwide, protest was swift and unrelenting but not just against McDonnell and Virginia’s lawmakers.  Women, including conservative women, were rethinking any support of GOP candidates in the fall elections.

But don’t think that McDonnell and his agenda are going to go away after this.  McDonnell and his GOP legislature still have the “person-hood” law on the table.  It’s the same law that failed miserably in Colorado and Mississippi (a really red state) and would ban almost all forms of contraception including the birth control pill.

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