The two words Limbaugh used are horrible but he also asked her to post sex videos so he could watch them and that makes Limbaugh beyond disgusting.

Campus BluePrint

BY: LIBBY RODENBOUGH, op-ed columnist

Given that you’re reading an article on a progressive news blog, the likelihood is enormous that you bear considerable ill will toward Rush Limbaugh, and as human interest seems to gravitate by nature toward the objects of its utmost loathing, I may assume with relative confidence that you’ve heard about the Sandra Fluke incident. This is the one, I’ll be brief in reminding you, where Limbaugh deemed Georgetown Law student Fluke a “slut” and, for good measure, a “prostitute”, because she testified before a U.S. House committee in favor of mandated health insurance coverage of contraceptives.

But even if you knew nothing of Limbaugh’s misguided slut-dubbing, you probably could have anticipated the uproar it has provoked. There have been few if any conspicuous displays of solidarity with the gleefully offensive commentator, and several big advertisers have cut ties with his radio program. Outrage seems…

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