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A new poll conducted by CNN and ORC makes it appear as if Speaker Boehner should be fired along with the entire Republican party, and that Barack Obama has won a glorious victory including ever-increasing popularity with Obamacare.  (http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2013/images/10/21/rel12a.pdf.)  DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!!

The suck-up media is bound for the next few days to tout these poll results.  Talking heads on TV and radio will be doing their part for the Regime to convince you and me that it’s over for the Teaparty, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and the rest of us who believe in real freedom and liberty from the oppression of Obamacare and the socialists attempting control over our government.

Here is why I say DON’T BELIEVE THESE POLLS:  public opinion polls are not meant to educate or elucidate!!!  Public opinion polls are meant for only one thing – PROPAGANDA!!!!  I know from my own experience working in the public opinion polling business that polls are taken over and over again with sample respondents UNTIL they obtain the results that the pollster is paid to get.

Ask yourself this question:  when was the last time YOU were polled on political issues?  If you are conservative or have religious right views, your answer may be never, or seldom.  If you have been called for a political poll at all, it was probably very short – one or two questions – and as soon as they find out you have views that are not progressive or liberal, they thank you and hang up.

Just because a poll is conducted by CNN or Gallup or any of the other polling outfits does not mean that they come up with the poll themselves.  Usually, they don’t because if they did, there is no money in it for them.  These polls are PAID FOR BY POLITICAL PARTIES OR POLITICIANS.  They HIRE credible-sounding outfits like CNN to gather the results they want.  Again, NOT to inform the public, but instead to manipulate the public, especially at the ballot box.

Republicans don’t necessarily do public opinion polling (although they are usually the target).  You and I both know the party that is poll crazy (just remember the Bill Clinton days).

Right now, Obama and the Dems are doing anything they can think of to try and rescue the failing Regime and Obamacare.  If polls can convince you that Conservatives and the Teaparty are a lost cause, and stop you for going to the voting booth in 2014, then they will have victory.  But just be aware that not all you read in poll results or hear from the media talking heads (including GOP pundits like Karl Rove) is true.  And remember that there are those forces trying to steer you away from voting by manipulating public opinion.


Obamacare (Photo credit: Shan213)