Without jumping to conclusions and accusations to call him a “racist,” the latest comments from the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is not the first time he has crossed the line into racist territory.  Even taking a cursory look into Sterling’s background reveals a history of outrageous racially charged language and outright discriminatory behavior.

Sterling was sued in 2006 by the U. S. Department of Justice for housing discrimination against Koreans, African Americans, and Hispanics; three years later the same department ordered him to pay nearly $8 million in fines and attorneys fees for discriminatory rental practices; also in 2009, a former Clippers general manager sued Sterling for racial discrimination in hiring practices.

At the moment, we do not know everything about this latest event reported originally by TMZ.  And until we find out whether or not the recording is legitimate, we should withhold judgement in this latest event.  Also, we should not just demand someone be fired or step down because of their belief.  However, the history on Sterling speaks volumes.  A person who is so wealthy that he not only owns a major league sports team, but is also a landlord in a U. S. major city, and who has been successfully sued for racial discrimination…well, if it walks like a duck…

At the very minimum, Sterling’s latest words, if they prove to be his, sound racist.  I would dare to say that, given his history, he probably did go off on his girlfriend as the recording purports, and that Donald Sterling probably is a racist!

To see a brief history of Donald Sterling:  Wikipedia.org.