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Senator Claire McCaskil is boycotting the HBO series Game of Thrones following the depiction of a brutal rape scene in this week’s episode.  According to US Weekly, the Missouri Democrat says “I’m done” calling the scene “disgusting and unacceptable.”

I agree with Senator McCaskil.  Sophie Turner, the actress who portrays the victim of the assualt is only 19 years old.  To portray violence against young women, this very popular series should be ashamed.  I haven’t watched “Thrones” this season at all because, last season, I was becoming more appaled at the violence which, in my opinion, was bordering on pornographic.

I stand with Senator Claire McCaskil in her decision, as I am also boycotting “Thrones.”

US Weekly story link:  Claire McCaskill Leads Charge to Boycott Game of Thrones: ‘I’m Done’ – Us Week