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Last night’s debate on FOX was touted by the media to be The Trump Show and, as a result, FOX had a record 24 million viewers.  Their high ratings aside, however, on Trump’s back, it seems that FOX had plans to try to do in Trump and end his candidacy for President of the United States.

The very first question was aimed at Trump who refuses to take a pledge to support whoever gets the GOP nomination, without question.  Trump, rightly so, said he couldn’t swear a pledge to someone not yet decided and would only swear, at this point, “if I am the nominee.”

Trump, on the spot, admittedly not a professional politician and debater, responded honestly, but the trap was set against him from there.

It got worse later during a question from Megan Kelly referring to his old, forgotten, dust-up with Rosie O’Donnelll.  But Kelly, snidely, twisted the question to leave low-information viewers with the impression that Trump’s invective was aimed at all women, not just O’Donnell who, by the way, started the squabble years ago.

Trump, on the spot again, responded in Trump style, “only Rosie O’Donnell.”

But the fix against him was in, perhaps part of “the secret plan” to deal with Trump, according to FOX anchors earlier in the day.

Deal with Trump?  How about try to get him, unfairly, out of the race?  The real hit against Trump came after the debate with pollster and would-be influencer of public opinion Frank Luntz who said that Trump’s candidacy was done.

Trump responded to Luntz in a Tweet telling him not “to come to my office looking for business again.”

Is Trump finished, as Luntz says?

I don’t think so.  Maybe for low-information voters who get their voting instructions from pollsters like Luntz and Barbie-Doll anchors like Kelly.  But otherwise, the rest of us know what’s going on here.

Trump scares the heck out of these big-money outfits who have been buying our elections for years now, and that includes FOX News!  Trump is his own person who doesn’t need their money or help and he is an American who loves America, our people, and he wants to see this great country on its feet again.  And Trump is the one who can do it because he obviously knows about the economy and how to make money.

FOX got its ratings last night on the back of Donald Trump but, once that happened, FOX wants him out just as much as the libs want to see him gone.

I trust that “the Donald” will hang in there and not let these petty individuals waylay him.

Donald Trump destroyed chances for candidacy, says Republican strategist Frank Luntz – CBS News.