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Anti-Trump noise is louder on the Right than anything the Democrats can come up with.  It is almost conspiratorial when you hear about “secret” meetings to “plot” how to stop Donald Trump before or at the Republican Convention in July.

The Republican establishment looks desparate and even insane in their efforts to get a candidate who is “anybody but Trump!”

But have you ever wondered why so much invective against one man who is extremely successful and who, like him or not, knows how to make money and deals?  If he could navigate the economy so well for himself, he surely would be capable of helping to steer our country back into economic health?!

So what’s going on, why all the fuss to stop Trump?

One possible answer are the D. C. lobbyists who stand to lose a lot if Trump becomes President!

Trump has made it clear that he does not like super PACs and takes no money from wealthy contributors.  He is self-funded.  The only other candidate who does not take money from wealthy contributors or lobby-backed organizations is Bernie Sanders (who takes donations only from the general public at an average of $27 each).

If Trump becomes President, he has made it clear that he will not be in debt to, or obliged to listen to, the Washington lobbyists who have controlled all of D. C. (including Congress) for way too long!  His only obligation will be to the American People!

So gone will be the revolving-door money-making machine for the special interest groups.  This explains why we are hearing so much criticism and fear-mongering about the “terrible” things that will happen if Trump wins.  That is also why we are bombarded with outright lies and distortions about Trump because the special interests will not be able to game our system any more.

Judge Jeanine Pirro gave her opinion over the weekend, actually accusing the Republican leadership of being “in bed with the Democrats” to stop Donald Trump!  Watch her “Opening Statement” here:  Judge Jeanine’s opening statement


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