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Arizona State University students share their answers

Source: Can you pass the citizenship quiz? | Fox News Video

“An informed citizenry is at the heart of a dynamic democracy.”  This is what Founder Thomas Jefferson said about the need for people to know about their government, its structure, it operations, and, most importantly, the people they choose to represent them.

Jesse Watters asked college students questions that are on the test for U. S. citizenship.  It is surprising how many voting-age natural born citizens do not know the answers to even the simplest questions like who the Vice-President is. 

The problem is that if you do not know who Joe Biden is, how can you possibly make an informed choice when you vote?

Perhaps it is time that we give a simple 20-question test to all new people registering to vote?  After all, the U. S. Government requires that all new citizens pass the same kind of test to become citizens to make sure that they are up to speed on how our government works.  Should we not ask the same for natural born citizens who cast their vote for the most important office in the land?

I can hear the arguments against this as I write this.  But it is becoming more and more vital that We the People know what we are doing when we go to the polls.  We require a test in order to obtain a driver’s license to make sure we know what we are doing behind the wheel.  Why not require a basic civics test before we cast our vote to steer our nation?

Here is the official practice quiz from the U. S. Citiizenship and Immigration Services:  Civics Practice Test | U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services  How well did you do?