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Is John Kasich insane?  Or has his self-absorbed craving for power made him lose touch with reality?

Even though Kasich has absolutely no chance of getting the GOP nomination (he would need more than 100% of the remaining votes, a mathematical impossibility), Kasich refuses to drop out of the race, and will not even consider a Vice-Presidential spot on the ticket.

“Under no circumstance,” Kasich said, “Are you kidding me?”

Kasich is playing the role of spoiler against Trump and Cruz.  He actually believes that he will come into the convention (this July) as a conquering hero who will be named the GOP nominee because, in his brain, he believes that both Trump and Cruz will fall short of the required delegate number.  At the same time, he believes that he will be celebrated and that Trump and Cruz supporters will ultimately accept him (yeah, right!).

What really bothers me about Kasich is his “I am the only one” attitude.  He does not seem to care about anyone except himself.  No matter what the question or topic, Kasich always opens up his response with “i am the only one who can…(fill in the blank)” or “I did…(this)” or “I am the only candidate with…(such and such)…experience.”

All this bragging that Kasich does makes me wonder about his actual capability to accomplish anything.  Has he really done all these things or he is just trying to convince others how great he is.

Kasich should drop out and go away.