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Utah’s Senator Mike Lee (R). Photo Source: The Washington Post.

Republican leadership is continuing to tell their members of Congress to hold out and not allow President Obama to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Instead, the GOP top dogs are looking toward a November win (good luck on that!) and are favoring Utah’s Senator Mike Lee (R) as one of their top choices for SCOTUS.  They are even going so far as to lobby Donald Trump, according to James Hohmann, The Washington Post.

Lee, a proven Conservative with a long track record of Right-wing policies and thinking, is a favorite among Republicans because he can be depended upon to uphold their values.  Lee was the sponsor of the anti-abortion bill in D.C. which “has since been expanded nationally,” according to the Washington Post.

While very informative, the Washington Post article misses a key point.  Here is what the article says regarding potential SCOTUS appointments:

If Hillary Clinton wins in November, there will be pressure to quickly confirm Garland so that she could not appoint someone who is younger and more liberal. If she loses, then the next Republican president will get to nominate someone else.

What about Sanders?

The Washington Post seems to be disregarding the possibility the Bernie Sanders CAN win the Democratic nomination, and go on to win the presidency.  Long shot, sure, but it is still possible (compared to the GOP’s Kasich who is a mathematical impossibility to win and can only get the nomination through a contested convention).

Has anyone bothered to think about who Bernie Sanders might consider for SCOTUS?

Source: The Daily 202: Key conservatives pushing Mike Lee for the Supreme Court – The Washington Post