John Kasich is living in the past:  a past where rape survivors were blamed for the crime committed against them; where it was the woman’s fault, for how she looked or what she was doing, that provoked a man to violate her.

In a town hall today, the GOP candidate (and Ohio governor) responded to a question from a young woman who is a first year college student about how, as president, he would address the epidemic of campus rape and violence.  Kasich told her to “not go to parties where there’s a lot of alcohol.”   He also told her that he doesn’t even want “to think about it” when it comes to his two daughters.

Governor Kasich is not in touch with facts.  As the CNN film The Hunting Ground made clear, campus rape and vioence is a lot more complicated than just telling women to stop going to parties.  Some campuses not doing enough to protect students.  But even if they are, to even consider that assault is somehow provoked by the person who is assaulted is ludicrous as well as very offensive.

The GOP is going to have to do better if it has any hope of winning women’s votes.

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