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George Will takes in the game as the Washington Nationals defeat the St. Louis Cardinals at RFK Stadium on Labor Day, September 4, 2006 Source: commons.wikimedia

Bill O’Reilly called George Will “a hack” because Will attempted to use his influence to prvent the publication of “Killing Reagan” – an excellent book.

And now that Donald Trump is about to be nominated, Will is again attempting to push his influence around by calling on GOP party members to sabotage Trump by having him “lose 50 states” a deserved “punishment” for Trump’s lack of “manners and grace,” according to Will.

Never mind that Trump is far ahead in votes from the people, guys like Will are used to getting their own way and manipulating the process – that is until Trump came along.  And that is the real reason that Will, and others of his ilk, hate him and are now desparately acting out like three-year-olds taking a temper tantrum.

But, if that is not enough, Will ends his rant by saying that it’s okay to let Hillary win because the GOP can just “confine her to a single term.”  Hey George, that tactic was already tried and failed the Republican Party – it was called the second term of Barack Obama!

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