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The difference between Trump and Cruz is that Trump is a self-made business person is has made a fortune and Cruz is a professional politician. I worry less about Trump than Cruz because of this. Cruz would go along with the crazies and turn this country into a fascist theocracy if given the chance because he is an ideologue who really believes this crazy nonsense. Trump would not go along with the crazies for the simple reason that it would not be good for business. Instead of the “stop Trump” campaign, it should be more “stop Cruz.”

The Age of Blasphemy

2016: The Year Republicans Admitted They Want the U.S. to be a Fascist, Christian Theocracy

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By Allen Clifton

What gets lost in the media’s obsession with all things Donald Trump is the fact that the alternative to him is Sen. Ted Cruz, someone who I think is far more dangerous than “The Donald.” As I’ve said plenty of times before, Cruz is basically everything bad about Trump – but even more radical.

At least with Trump you get a slight glimmer of common sense when it comes to health care and Social Security. Plus Trump isn’t exactly “Mr. Religious,” even if he’s pretending to be to pander for votes. However, Ted Cruz is a religious radical who has a history of putting himself and his own ambitions before anyone else, including his own political party and the country.


This is someone who’s so unpopular that he’s done what almost nobody…

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