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In case you missed it last night, Rachel Maddow interviewed the actor who starred in the 1964 political ad “Confessions of a Republican” which was designed to warn voters back then of the dangers of electing Barry Goldwater who, among other outrages, was loose on the subject of launching nukes.

The actor’s name is Bill Bogert who says he was and still is a Republican and that the spot, a little more than 4 minutes long, reflected his views for the most part.

When asked if he thought it still mattered, Bogert told Maddow, “I think it does” reflecting that the Republicans have long not been “the Republican Party I grew up with.”

I agree with Bogert that the Republicans have candidates who, like Goldwater was, go off the rails.  Right now the real concern is more Cruz than Trump because Cruz really means what he says and has hard-nosed views against anyone who is not white, not male, and not evangelical Christian.  But that’s just my opinion.  After viewing the video, I look forward to your views?