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McCain, John-012309-18421- 0004

McCain, John-012309-18421- 0004

In the days following Donald Trump’s presumptive GOP candidacy, tt is becoming more and more clear that politics and risk for reelection defines whether or not a Republican will support Donald Trump’s nomination or forego the convention.

Take for example John McCain who said that he will support Trump.  It has nothing to do with how he feels about Trump or “because GOP voters have had their say,” according to CNN.  It instead has everything to do with McCain and his own interests as he is coming up for reelection this year.

On the other hand, look at Lindsey Graham, who will evidently sit the election out.  He just got reelected in 2014 so he is safe473px-Lindsey_Graham_official_photo!

Remember that the entire House is up for reelection and that includes Speaker Ryan.  So it is interesting that Speaker Paul Ryan is trying to sit on the fence right now, not coming out against Trump but, perhaps hoping for something extraordinary to happen, not endorsing him either.  I say that he is playing a game and after meeting with Trump, as he is expected to do, will support him.

As all the others come out of the woodwork – Romney, Jeb Bush, Bill Krystol – who have nothing at stake in the Fall, they can vehemently proclaim their disdain for a Trump candidacy.  But actually, they are only showing their true colors in their disdain for the Voters.

Take a look at those up for reelection and compare their attitudes to Trump and the Voters to those who have no risk:  List of Senators up for reelection in 2016

Photos source:  wikimedia.org