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It is time that we get the military assault rifles and high-capacity ammo magazines off the streets. These assault rifles are not for sport; they have only one purpose – to kill human beings. They are weapons of war and should not be available to the public. People cannot claim 2nd Amendment rights to own a cannon or machine gun. So, these weapons of war should not be protected by the 2nd Amendment either. All candidates up for election should answer the question of whether they would be in favor of banning assault rifles.

Zero Tolerance For Silence


Any country which has made the conscious decision to defend its guns over its own children has gone mad. If you can’t get some sensible gun laws passed when they’re carrying out the bodies of slaughtered children, you’re not going to get it when they’re carrying out the bodies of slaughtered gays and lesbians.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother to TRY.    I’m  damn tired of maniacs using the Second Amendment to shield them from scrutiny and give them the means to get assault weapons and other tools to commit mass murder.  IF we allow what happened at the Pulse nightclub to go by with nothing more than prayers and hand-wringing, we are going to see another maniac try to beat Omar Mateen’s body count.

What we do is taking it to Congress and we can start by calling and writing our U.S. Senators and demanding they answer this…

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