Too bad someone couldn’t have seen the danger he posed….

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: An astute reader pointed out, he was working for G4S at the time which is based in London as is BP. Go to the end of the article to see how G4S security guards REALLY treated reporters (real ones)

UPDATE: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation financially supports:

  1. gun control legislation
  2. BP
  3. G4S

Seems like Omar factors into all the big events in Florida.

In this “documentary”, Omar gives what seems like a scripted, completely unsolicited and derogatory rant about the workers at the BP spill “hoping for more spillage” so they could make “some more money”. He, and the documentary film-maker claim that to the workers, “it’s all about the money”

That came about the time people were taking note of BP paying the cleanup workers less than minimum wage, using prison labor and illegals to clean up the spill and contractors were…

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