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The Democrats, lead by civil rights legend Representative John Lewis of Georgia, chanted “no bill no break” during the plus 25 hour sit in on the House floor.

If you were following the live coverage last night online or on MSNBC, you already know that Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the plug in the wee hours and adjourned the House until July 5.  The Democrats, however, stayed as they promised, continuing the their sit-in to pressure the majority GOP to at least bring a vote on common sense “no fly no buy” gun legislation.

Thursday afternoon, the Dems, lead by civil rights legend Representative John Lewis of Georgia, officially ended their plus 25 hour sit-in vowing to continue on July 5 when the House comes back into session.

The optics couldn’t be better for the Dems.  More than 9 out of every 10 Americans (92% according to recent surveys) support background checks for everyone buying a gun, no loopholes.  These numbers include avid gun enthusiasts and NRA members as well.

Now that members return home to their districts, will the GOP face the wrath of their constituents voters?  On top of the fact that the majority of Americans want guns kept out of the hands of terrorists, Ryan and House GOP leadship seem deaf to the needs and safety of the average American.  In an attempt to take back control of the House floor, Ryan and GOP House leadership brought legislation during the sit-in, favored by Wall Street investment bankers, that would, if it passed, allow investment brokers to take advantage of their clients by not having to be honest with them, ending the fiduciary requirement; the bill failed.

Since the entire House is up for reelection in November, including Ryan, voters have it in their power to hold the GOP accountable to them, rather than to the NRA and Wall Street!

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