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Is that all the Dems have?

After Rudy’s barnburner last night, all the Dems can come up with today are accusations that Melania Trump stole part of her speech from Michelle Obama!?


The accusation comes from the phrase:  “Your word is your bond,” which Melania said her parents taught her; to work hard and keep your word.  Good advice that many of us heard as kids and have also passed onto our own children.

Michelle Obama, no doubt, was probably taught the same thing when she was young, and said relayed that in a speech a few years ago.  So what?

Is it plagiarism?  Did she steal it from Michelle?

No.  Here’s why:

Plagiarism, defined by Merriam-Webster, is “the act of using another person’s words or ideas without giving credit to that person.”

Melania could not have stolen from Michelle because these words come neither from Michelle nor Melania.  “Your word is your bond” could be considered part of the common lexicon; good words of advice passed on from generation to generation on how to live with honor.  But more than that, the phrase “Your word is your bond” actually has its origins farther back than Michelle Obama (or Melania Trump, for that matter).

The London Stock Exchange, founded in 1801 (that’s 215 years ago!) has the motto (in Latin) “Dictum Meum Pactum” meaning in English “My word is my bond.”

Melvyn Douglas, an American actor (1901 -1981), is quoted as saying, “Your word is your bond.”

This plagiarism charge is nothing more than a distraction to try and take away momentum from Trump and the GOP.  And so far, at least if you are watching Fox News, some conservatives are taking the bait and caving in, quetioning Melania’s honesty.

Here’s something to think about:  Why should anyone make a big deal about a few words from a speech from a condidate’s wife when, on the other side, one the candidates herself was given a free pass after she jeopardized our national security?!