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Ted Cruz drew boos from the delegates last night when he refused to endorse Donald Trump.  By refusing to back Trump, and implying that he would instead vote for Hillary, Cruz violated a pledge that all GOP candidates took to support the official nominee no matter who that was.

It wasn’t until this morning, at the Texas delegation breakfast, that Ted Cruz came out with why he refuses to endorse Trump.  Under intense questioning from delegates Cruz said that his pledge was “abrogated” when Trump criticized his wife and father.

This excuse doesn’t wash.  If Cruz felt that strongly, then Cruz should have said that he is repealing his pledge during the campaign, before he dropped out.  It might have made a difference if he would have, at that time, said that he could not support someone who “attacked” his wife and father.  To do it after Trump gets the official nomination is too late and below the belt.

Cruz also mentioned this morning that, while he will not vote for Trump, he will not vote for Hillary either.  He could have said that during his speech last night too but instead left it unsaid.

Cruz might be standing on principles.  Or, he could be betting his career on Trump possibly losing in November and then coming off the GOP hero with “I told you so.”  Who knows?

But either way, Cruz comes off in very bad taste and with a taint of cruelty and deception.  He is not someone who works well with others and is in no way a team player.  Cruz appears, after last night, to be for Cruz, and no one or nothing else.  Perhaps even his staunchest supporters are beginning to see the real man behind the mask!