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On the heels of the DNC’s email leaks and Hillary’s official candidacy, Senator Bernie Sanders says he will return to finish his Senate term as an Independent, not a Democrat.  Sanders who was an Independent for most of his political career, became a Democrat only to run for President.  Regarding his failed candidacy that was sabotaged from the inside by DNC officials, Sanders called for “new leadership” saying that the self-firing of chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz “doesn’t go far enough,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Do you buy this?  I don’t!

Bernie Sanders cut a deal with the Dems to end his do-nothing career with natioanl attention.  He had no intention of actually becoming their candidate or President for that matter.  What he did is spin up a lot of people, especially those younger and more idealistic, to get on board with the party of Hillary and Bill, something they otherwise wouldn’t be interested in.  To boot, Bernie handed over hundreds of thousands of small-donor ($27) names of the these individuals to Hillary’s camp.  Those folks were used and that’s a shame.

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