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The only real positive in Donald Trump’s debate performance was that he kept his temper under control and didn’t go into a rant at Hillary’s many provocations.  Other than that, his performance was less than stellar and probably will do no good to swing voters his way.

During the first half-hour, Trump seemed to start out strong out of the gate, with quick come-backs and concise responses to questions.  But then it all went down hill.

In lieu of getting angry, Trump resorted to a defensive stance with over-long explanations of why he did or didn’t do something, of which Hillary accused him.  Often, those defensive explanations resulted in stream of consciousness that made no sense of what he was talking about.

In addition, his breathing (through his nose) became so strong (probably in attempting to control his anger) that it became annoyingly loud in his microphone.

The Donald missed several obvious opportunities to hit it out of the park.  Most obvious was during the economy segment on jobs when he could have hit Hillary on wanting to put West Virginia’s coal miners out of work by shutting done the mines.  Also, during cyber security, when he could have slammed her on her private server.  Instead, Trump opted to take the bait from her attacks and launch into long rants which made no sense.

Trump had plenty of time to prepare for this debate and the very best of people to help him prepare.  He therefore should have done much better.

So far, his bad performance has not seemed to make much difference.  Fortunately for him and for his campaign and supporters!  Those firmly in their chosen candidate’s corner were not swayed by the other one, last night.  And those undecided are still not swayed, although some early polls show that some “could” be swayed, but not yet.

Trump, if he really wants this, needs to get his act together!  This isn’t a reality show, nicely scripted, of “Who Wants to Be the Next President?”  This is the big leagues of politics.  And Trump is up against a master politician, not 16 oother candidates of his same party.  No doubt that Hillary, and the entire Clinton family for that matter, really want the White House!

If Trump can’t control himself better, and LEARN from those political professionals in place to help him in his campaign, then he should get out, and get out now, and hand it over to Pence!