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Trump supporters were salivating with anticipation in the early morning hours over what they saw as the take-down of Hillary Clinton by Julian Assange’s Wikileaks.  In a much-touted “October Surprise” a Trump campaigner even said that Clinton would be “done” by Wednesday.  But alas, all their anticipation came to naught.

Julian Assange and his Wikileaks instead celebrated their tenth anniversary with a press conference and said that documents may be released after the elections.  He also indicated that Wikeleaks had no intention of disrupting American elections or harming any candidates.

But the Right reads conspiracy into everything and mistook Assange’s anniversary press conference to mean that devastating documents would be released to end Clinton’s campaign.  In the lead-up to last night, Assange had even appeared on Fox News’ Kelly Files where he said that documents could be coming but they would have to be carefully vetted before release.  He talked about his ten years of a “perfect” record without a mistake and he was careful to indicate that documents currently in their possession would not be released until they were properly validated and would not be released if they couldn’t be verified.  But no matter, because for many on the Right, that goes in one ear and out the other.

So, all the excitement in the early morning hours, with the likes of Alex Jones on live stream, and Right-wing bloggers awaiting anxiously, for the 4 am ET presser, their hopes and dreams came crashing down.  And of course, their excitement was followed by anger, name calling, and more conspiracy theories.

Here is a suggestion for the Right.  Quit expecting to win by name-calling and conspiring to destroy the other side!  Instead, try coming up with some ideas!