Donald Trump went on another Twitter storm.  In conduct unbecoming a business leader let alone a candidate for the highest office in the nation, Trump unleashed a string of invectives against Republicans, Speaker Ryan, Senator John McCain, and of course Hillary Clinton.

In unfocused stream-of-consciouness Tweets, one after another, Trump can’t seem to decide who his enemy is:  maybe all of them, maybe just one of them, maybe even the American People, if they displease Trump.  He sounds nuts!


Donald Trump also has a habit of pointing the finger at his enemies for the behavior that he himself displays:  i.e., calling Clinton “unfit” and McCain “foul mouthed.”



Trump’s m.o. has always been that the rest of the world must please him: if you agree with him, you’re great, but the second you disagree with him, you’re a “loser.” For Trump, it’s all about control.

As more and more Republicans peel off from Trump, I just hope that Speaker Ryan realizes that by continuing to sit on the fence, he is helping to strengthen Trump and his Alt-right supporters. No one would hold it against Speaker Ryan to withdraw his endorsement of Trump.