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As most of us know by now, FBI Director James Comey stepped in it over the weekend by sending a letter to Congressional committee chairs (Republicans) with copies to committee co-chairs (Democrats) regarding emails possibly related to Hillary Clinton.  Without actually using the word “reopen” Comey left enough of a door open for Trump and the Republicans to shout to the rafters that Comey had reversed his opinion from last July regarding Hillary’s server and emails.

In actuality, Comey knew nothing at all when he sent that letter on Friday!  All that happened was that the FBI recovered a laptop from former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner in an investigation of Weiner’s activities.  Since Weiner is the separated husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin, that seemed to be the impetus to spark Comey into making up to Republicans for last July’s failed indictment they so desired.  A cursory look at the laptop by the FBI revealed emails on it, and speculation that the laptop was shared between husband and wife.

But the point is, Comey and FBI did not have any details on the emails, who they were from or to, because they would need a search warrant to look at them.  Comey came out to members of Congress before he had any REAL information, before a search warrant (that happened on Sunday, two days later).  His only lead was that this computer belonged to the husband of Clinton’s closest aide!

In a memo that Comey sent AFTER the letter, Comey said that “I agreed that we should take appropriate steps” in an attempt to EXPLAIN himself.  But WHO did he agree with?

It certainly wasn’t DOJ because Justice had already warned Comey not to send the letter.  So, since it wasn’t Justice, who was it Comey “agreed” with?  Trump or the Trump campaign?  Republicans in Congress?  Partisans in his own rank and file of the FBI?  Who knows at this point?

But further, did Comey violate the Hatch Act which prohibits Federal employees from any activity which could disrupt the election process?

Only an investigation will reveal whether he did or didn’t violate Federal law.  And even though a complaint has been filed with the investigating branch to find out whether Comey violated Federal law, it will probably takes months (at best) to get results, well AFTER the election.

So at this point, it’s the SMELL that matters!  Comey, by sending that letter, smeared the image of the FBI.  His action, followed by weak excuses to explain himself, reveals not a “straight shooter” as some have called him.  But a weak willed cowardly character that bows to pressure from others, either internally from his own employees, or externally.

No matter Comey’s reasons, it stinks and Comey should step down!

Read the letter Comey sent to Congressional committee chairs ComeyLetter.pdf.

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