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Finally, it’s over!  We, the American People, held our election yesterday and we have a new President, President (elect) Trump.  No matter how you feel about the results, the good news is that we no longer have to endure political commercials, media talking heads telling us how they know about what’s good for us (as if we don’t), or breaking news interruptions for yet another Trump open-mike “shocker” or Wikileaks Clinton email “scandal.”

It’s important to remember that we are all Americans.  Sounds simple and trite.  But it is so critical right now.  All of us, each and every one of us, are in the same boat.  We all have the same basic values, whether we are on the right, left, or somewhere in between.  We all have families and people we care about; we all want the best for our loved ones; we all love freedom; and we all want to live in peaceful and thriving communities.  How we get there, the steps we take to achieve these goals, may differ, but we can come together on these common goals to make a start.

Someone great, a long time ago, said “United we stand, by dividing we fall!”  Let us not be divided by forces that would want to see our failure, but let us now begin to heal and come together as a country!

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